Dan Desmarques

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is related to how we understand our personality and the world we live in. And this perception, while not to be altered by force, can be changed naturally, through a new approach to life.

The purpose of this book is exactly that, teaching how we can learn to live better, with more results and more happiness.

It is said that self-esteem and self-respect arise with self-confidence, which cannot be fabricated but rather must be developed through the results we get from our personal experiences. So if we learn to make better decisions, and we learn to create more enriching life experiences, we can actually alter our entire existence and create a future with a stronger purpose.

Faced with such a future, living a life full of personal achievements and fantastic opportunities becomes normal for our new state of being. This new state of being corresponds to a new person, much more aware of himself and his potential.
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