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Dan Desmarques

The Secret Beliefs of The Illuminati

The world keeps changing extremely fast, but in times of abundance and scarcity, under revolutions or wars, many have prospered. And they did so by looking at the patterns of reality. They understood these Divine Patterns and used them to achieve their personal goals.

The patterns have been kept secret for thousands of years in religious books, manuscripts and even fairytales, under allegories and metaphors meant to hide them in plain sight.

The enlightened ones — those who can see, called that Sacred Geometry, in a direct reference to the Creator. They then studied the nature of life through the art of the Almighty God, the Master Architect of the Universe. For
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  • b9560460505has quoted2 years ago
    The tears that may come out of this exercise, are emotional charges releasing from your body — accumulated pain vanishing away.
    When this is done, you don't need to stay in that past anymore. You can forgive yourself.
    The best way to heal, consists in using that awareness about past events to know what you’re doing wrong in the present and then learn to be happier.
  • b9560460505has quoted2 years ago
    You can write your negative self-beliefs and then ask yourself:
    • Who made me believe this?
    • What experience made me believe this?
    You can close your eyes, focus on the belief, and ask the questions until you get the answers.
    Instead of singing a mantra, like ”Om", repeat "who made me believe this?”, several times, and until your subconscious answers the question with images and mind movies related to the past.
    Once you know it and re-experience it as an outsider, an observer, it won't have more power over you.
  • b9560460505has quoted2 years ago
    The reason why you get trapped in thoughts, if you focus on them, is that the thought is subconscious and therefore it consumes your energy.
    Analysis is a conscious act, so the ability to analyze something is the ability to control thoughts. Your purpose must then be to know which thoughts are controlling you and why, where do they come from, and who or what made them stay there as "emotional buttons" controlling your mind.
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