Laura Lovecraft

Mom Is Bound To Please

Erotica bad girl Laura Lovecraft kicks off the new year in style with a hot mix of Incest and bondage!

Anna loved her husband Billy, but he was never exciting in bed, and after he passed away, she vowed she would be more adventurous. For the last few months, she has been visiting an erotic toy store, where she's discovered her fetish for bondage. Anna longs to be tied down and helpless while her lover has her way with her.

Unfortunately Anna's new boyfriend is no more daring than Billy was. Desperate to get him involved in her fantasy, she goes to buy a bondage video for them to watch. But while trying to pick one out, Anna finds one dedicated to mothers in bondage to their sons, and being forced to please them. As sick as it seems, Anna is strangely drawn to the video, and brings it home.

While watching and masturbating to it, she is caught by her son, Alan. Embarrassed, Anna hopes her son didn't really notice what it was, and has her planned night with her boyfriend. Things go wrong when he is appalled by her fantasy of being tied down, and he leaves. Alan consoles her mother, and she falls asleep.

When she wakes up, she is shocked to discover two things: one, that she is tied to her bed, and two, that her son Alan shares her fantasies. Now Anna finds herself bound to please her son!
57 printed pages
Original publication


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