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Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam

55 printed pages
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  • Avreghly Barrashared an impression8 years ago
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    This book is written in a perspective of someone who doesn't believe in Allah. If you are a Moslem, please be careful when you're wanting to read this. Read with cautious mind.

  • Gwen Salinasshared an impression4 years ago
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  • Annisia Baehakishared an impression4 years ago
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  • Shadiya Ahmedhas quoted4 years ago
    The whole spiritual activity of the Mohamedans, from the time of the prophet to the present day, is a dream; but it is a dream in which a large portion of the human race have lived; and it has all the interest which things relating to mankind always possess for man."
  • Shadiya Ahmedhas quoted4 years ago
    Islam owes not a little to her life and influence, and were it more widely recognised, might possibly lead to an improvement of the position of the poor unfortunate daughters of the system, who are enslaved and degraded to a saddening degree.
  • Shadiya Ahmedhas quoted4 years ago
    change so potent, that, in the lifetime of one man, it was able to obliterate partly by absorption, and chiefly by annihilation, the sanctions and beliefs of centuries, and which fostered a hatred so bitter, and a brotherhood so strong, between man and man, that by its sanction the dearest, tenderest, and strongest ties of humanity have been broken, while those who for years had lived in enmity were united in bonds stronger than death. Under its malevolent influence, children have ruthlessly slain their parents, believing that thus would they merit heaven. And men of different race have fought side by side under one banner, hurling themselves with fanatical heroism upon their enemies, believing that to die in such a way meant the winning of an immortal crown.

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