Paul Chaplin

Sexxx Soho Stories

Sex-x-x: the only sitcom ever set in a Soho sex shop.
With a cast of colourful characters: Ben — the sort of owner, and front man. Trying to be a hit with the ladies, and miss the customers. The brains of the outfit: well they must be somewhere else. In their place is Pauly. What can we say about Pauly? Whatever it is, best written up on the walls of a toilet cubicle. Not exactly stupid, and certainly not smart. But with the kindest heart in Soho, and suprisingly attractive to females everywhere. Then the lovely Katya: the shapely brunette student earning her way via the store shop counter. Putting down Ben's more gross manifestations of chauvinism. Which take up much of her time. The unusually recruited Toby: performing store security and occasional other sanities.
There's the Sex-x-x gang, joined by a kaleidoscope of wonderful characters. From dominatrix Miss Kitty, to ex-pornstar and present masseur Paige. With the gangster, the bent cop and everything in between.
With as much expense spared as possible, the scripts of the hit Loaded TV sitcom SEX-X-X have been pumped, preened and polished into short story form. By their original writer, Paul Chaplin. As an extra treat, Sex-x-x: the Movie, features as a bonus read. A thrilling novelised addition to the Sex-x-x library.
These Soho Stories follow the 7 sitcom shows, taking the original scripts, and allowing you to read in novelised format. Unlike so many Hollywood novelisations, this one is written by the original sitcom script writer, with his unique insight into the characters, and their mad, mad world.
As a bonus, a second part of the book provides a novelisation of the film: Sex-x-x: The Movie. Taking the gang to Amsterdam, in this classic re-imagining of the film that never was.
Now the only thing missing is the t-shirt. That will be Pauly's idea: eventually.
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