Paul Chaplin

Secret Self – Finding the Power of You

Matrixial Logic: Forms of Inequality provided a revolutionary new analysis of how we actually think. How the logic of reality, and the logic of the mind actually work.
Secret Self: Finding the Power of You, is the companion volume. In Secret Self, there is presented a radical new Systems Architecture of the human Self. Making sense at last of how it is that we think and feel.
The Systems Architecture of Secret Self reveals the hidden processes which allow us to function as, to be, individual selves. Whilst many paradoxes are revealed, the Self is not so secret any more.
With dozens of dramatic Experiences for the reader to undertake, this is not only a book of theory and analysis. The reader can, through their own directed Experiences, really come to understand:
The way that we can think governs what we can think
What we can emote governs how we emote
Secret Self also introduces the new sciences of Biomorphics and Psychotectics, founded in the scientific discoveries of matrixial Self Systems Architecture. These are the new sciences which allow astonishing therapeutic interventions. Techniques which work instantly.
Including for example:
Anxiety Autism Fibromyalgia Neurological Disorders Obsessions Panic Attacks Rapid Healing Sleep Disorders Sports Injuries Stress Traumatic Memory Disorders By unlocking the secrets of the Self, we uncover dramatic new ways of helping ourselves.
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