Mariuccia Milla

Stories of Food and Life

A delightful collection of stories about Italian lifestyle, cooking, and human connection. Each bite-sized story includes a recipe served on a platter of memories, where food preparation is a social art to be shared.
The spontaneous approach celebrated in Stories of Food and Lifewill give you confidence to cook on the fly with finesse. Flow with the seasons and discover food as a way to be together rather than a culinary exam.
Wouldn't you like to know how to make a delicious strawberry risotto? Or learn something new about figs as Mariuccia tells you about her kids playing in her Italian country garden? You'll learn about the origin of the Caprese salad from someone who was there and also discover the “spaghettata,” a go-to midnight snack.
Cosa si puó dire? It’s worth the money. You’ll learn something and be entertained by this tribute to the simple treatment of the best ingredients.
Food is a celebration of life, so read this, or listen to the audiobook, and go cook for your friends. 
Then, mangia!
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