Deborah Chester

Reign of Shadows

From the national bestselling author.
“Chester is a world class fantasist.” —THE BEST REVIEWS
Caelan E'Non is the son of the land's most powerful healer, and is naturally expected to follow in his father's footsteps. Except Caelan feels a burning desire to blaze his own trail—and possesses a magic he does not understand.
Elandra Albain has been raised as a servant in her father's house. Her sister, Lady Bixia, has been pampered and spoiled, and is thought to be destined for greatness. But Elandra has a destiny all her own.
For as long as Caelan or Elandra can recall, Emperor Kostimon has ruled the land. For nine centuries his life has been sustained. But this wondrous immortality stems from a bargain with the very source of evil itself—from the dark lord Beloth. Now, as Kostimon's tenth and final lifetime begins, the shadow god is growing restless.
And so begins the REIGN OF SHADOWS.
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    He’d spent his life loving his father, wanting so desperately to measure up to his father’s high standards, yet torn by wanting to go his own way. Now he wondered why he had ever bothered to seek this man’s affection.
    Сольвейг Кёнигhas quotedlast year
    That is a father’s pride.”

    “All you can see is yourself!” Caelan cried. “All you think of is yourself. Haven’t you done enough, accomplished enough? You’re the best healer in all of Trau. Can’t that be enough for you? Why do you have to live through me
    Сольвейг Кёнигhas quotedlast year
    “I’ll never kneel to you, any of you! Here.” He yanked off the novice robe and flung it on the ground at the Elder’s feet. “I have disrobed myself. Now let me go from this place.”

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