David Spark

Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques

Manipulating Is Easy. Manipulating Without Also Being The Puppet of Someone Else Is Harder.

In This book you will not only be learning manipulation techniques that work but also how to counter them. This way you will be the only one in control.

From the info inside You will able to make them do your bidding. That phrase sounds like something straight out of a sci fi movie and yet people from all strands of life are using the same techniques in this book to get what they without anyone even noticing. All while Protecting Yourself from the manipulation of others!

Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers to name a few all uses psychological techniques to make it to the top of their professions. But it doesn't have to be just for work. Often times in your personal life, things can go wrong real fast and in such situations you would have wished you knew the secret techniques taught in this book to avoid silly conflicts and make things turn out the way you wanted.

Here are a few things you will learn in this book:-

•    Recognizing social weaknesses and taking advantage of them

•   Analyzing the environment to know the right time to act

•    Recognizing Manipulative traits

•    Emotional manipulation techniques that work

•    Gaslighting technique

•    Magnifying and minimizing technique

•    Humiliation and Devaluation technique

•   Shifting the blame and playing victims

•   Love Bombing

•    Outbusts of rage

•    Not crossing the line to avoid sabotage

•    Manipulation in relationships

•    Manipulating another manipulator. Defeat them at their own mind games.

•    Defusing techniques to call out a manipulator safely and much more!

Get This book today and gain the control you have always wished for in your life. But most importantly know how to PROTECT yourself from the manipulation of others which is key to stay on top!
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