Quotes from “A Conjuring of Light” by V.E.Schwab

It was cowardice, he knew, but cowardice came so much easier than hope.
Revolutionaries were too easily mistaken for madmen.
Loyalty is either bought or earned
You’re just so easy to rile. You really can’t fault me for doing it.
“It doesn’t matter what someone is. Only what they think they are.”
Sometimes you had to pretend, everyone knew that. Pretend to be happy. Pretend to be brave. Pretend to be strong. If you pretended long enough, it eventually came true.
Only fools are certain

Above her navel.

“As Steno.”

One hand unlacing the ties of her slacks.

“To break.”

Guiding them off.

“As Orense.”

His teeth skimming her hip bone. “To open …”
copper lashes sank low over his two-toned eyes. “There’s As Travars, to travel between worlds.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know that one.”

He lowered himself a fraction, bringing his lips to her ear.

“And As Tascen,” he continued, breath warm. “To move within a world.”

She felt a shiver of pleasure as his lips brushed her jaw. “And As Hasari,” he murmured. “To heal.”

His mouth found hers, stealing a kiss before he said, “As Staro. To seal.” And she would have let him linger there, but his mouth continued downward.

“As Pyrata.”

A breath against the base of her throat.

“To burn.”

His hands sliding beneath the fabric of her shirt.

“As Anasae.”

A blossom of heat between her breasts.

“To dispel
“I know,” said Rhy, dragging his own blade from its sheath

Why did he not do this earlier

“I raised a smart son.”

Rhy ran a hand through his hair. “You raised me, too.”
But all stories start somewhere, and that night, as Rhy Maresh walked through the streets of London, a new myth was taking shape.
Annoyance burned through Lila, but so did something else. It took her a second to recognize it. Shame.

Is this the first fucking time she talks about feeling shame?? Shame for actually being wrong and childish and brash?? About fucking time thanks.
Additionally, all the characters are fucking delusional, petty, hastily minded idiots for still thinking Holland is not the one who has suffered the most. It is fucking apparent from 7 miles away and it's not like any of the main cast would have acted much differently in any of the situations Holland has been in. Heck, Lila, especially, would most likely have been even more insufferable + actually cruel and cold hearted. God, I am really really fucking forever annoyed by her presence in these books. To hell with character development, she is just so horrendously rude and.

Kell’s world went black. He staggered and fell to his hands and knees on the deck. Nearby, Lila let out a sound that was part shock, part triumph, as she claimed his power as her own.

“Lila,” he said, but his voice was unsteady, weak,

This is why I dislike lila. What the fuck you cannot dally around and just do what the fuck you want all the fucking time. She //knows// rhy is fucking ///bOUnd/// to Kell by fucking ////LIFE//// and taking kell's magic away like this might possibly KILL rhy. And sure, being swept away by all the extra power might be a valid character flaw, but it doesn't seem like kell gets a fUCKing apology and lila is a FUCKING arrogant, brainless piece of shit, constantly excused by being a "strong female badass who does whatever she wants bc she wants to oml feminism"

“Come on,” he said, sliding both rings into his pocket. “Let’s go see Maris.”

One of them is for rhy

this one was knotted with that unsteady color, like oil and water, that marked an Antari.

Alucard took it up, and went to find Kell.
“You’ve gotten better,” he observed.

“I had to,” said Kell, wiping the blood from his knife before he sheathed it. Holland had the strange urge to say more,
Rhy set his pin on the table and fell into the bed.

Only to be assaulted by a ball of white fur.

Alucard’s cat
The princess sighed

how old is she again????????

as Kell swung up into his own saddle. He was infuriatingly elegant on horseback, with the regal posture that only came, Lila expected, from years of practice. It was one of those moments that reminded her—as if she could ever forget—that Kell was in so many ways a prince.
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