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Philip K. Dick was a very influential science fiction writer. More than a dozen of his stories or novels have been adapted for the screen including 'Blade Runner', 'Total Recall', 'Minority Report', and 'The Adjustment Bureau'. His work questioned the nature of reality and was often set against the backdrop of corporate power and greed. The editors of have compiled thirteen of Philip K. Dick's stories for this collection. Included are: 'The Eyes Have It'; 'Beyond the Door'; 'Beyond Lies the Wub'; 'Mr. Spaceship'; 'The Skull'; 'The Crystal Crypt'; 'The Defenders'; 'The Hanging Stranger'; 'The Gun'; 'Tony and the Beetles'; 'The Variable Man'; 'Piper in the Woods'; and 'Second Variety'.
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    La ciencia ficción siempre se las ingenia para reflexionar sobre el uso de la tecnología como salvadora de todos los males. Por ejemplo, en "The variable man", Sherikov dice lo siguiente:

    "Las máquinas solo calculan por nosotros en unos minutos lo que eventualmente podríamos hacer por nosotros mismos. Son nuestros sirvientes, herramientas. No una especie de dioses en un templo al que vamos y rezamos. No oráculos que puedan ver el futuro por nosotros. No ven el futuro. Solo hacen predicciones estadísticas, no profecías. Hay una gran diferencia ahí, pero Reinhart no la entiende".

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    They accepted anything that came along. There was no longer any normal, any natural course of things, moral or physical, for them to expect. Custom, habit, all the determining forces of learning were gone; only brute experience remained.
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    It’s strange, machines so much like people that you can be fooled. Almost alive. I wonder where it’ll end.”

    “They’re doing what you Yanks designed them to do,” Tasso said. “You designed them to hunt out life and destroy. Human life. Wherever they find it.”
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    a slag heap with dark weeds growing from the ashes and bones

    un montón de escoria con hierbas oscuras que crecen de las cenizas y los huesos

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