Nel Winter

Too Good To Be True

Nel Winter brings back the delightfully likeable Neo for another tale of fun and freedom.

Listening to your crush have sex with somebody else can be terrifying, but also very erotic. In Too Good To Be True, Neo is on the hunt once again. This time, he manages to bring the hottest girl from a red carpet event home — only to be disappointed by the boring sex he has with her.

Horny and frustrated, the night takes an unexpected turn when he listens to his ultimate crush — and forbidden fruit — having loud sex with somebody that obviously isn't him. The next-door neighbour, Kaia, is the object of Neo's wet dreams and the torture proves too much. He releases all of his pent-up sexual energy into his hand, while fantasizing about being on the other side of the wall being the one making Kaia moan.

A fun and sex story that makes the reader truly feel like they are inside a young man's dirty mind.
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