Nel Winter

What Rhymes With Porn

What Rhymes With Porn is a delicious tale that takes you deep into the Berlin sex-party scene. Follow Neo in his first ever Pornceptual — a typical rock star; young, hip, and horny, he has moved to Berlin to pursue a career in music. And has been essentially living the dream by taking all the perks of being the face of a band — especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

But things reach a completely different level when he is invited to his first Pornceptual, and he experiences a series of crazy events. From graphically described blowjobs in the dark-room to witnessing an incredible threesome unfold before his very eyes, he will never be the same man after this party.

Written specially for Pornceptual's sixth anniversary, What Rhymes with Porn paints a bright picture of the Berliner fetish scene, through the eyes of an eager rookie, and makes readers feel everything these parties have to offer — even if they have never been close to one.
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