Ramesh Roy

Speed Reading in a Day

Gone are the days, when slow but steady was the winner. Now, fast and steady is the winner. A fast and on right track reader accumulates all requires for a successful life and I am sure that is what you want to be.

Many top institutions in the world are advising now to read more books for enhancing and enriching knowledge, improve quality of life and thereby to improve your position in the industry or society. The recommendations assume that the comprehension follows the habit of reading more and more.

As per President Harry S. Truman “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” The ultimate satisfaction is the leadership when you realize that you are the ultimate authority in your area, be it money or fame or position. So, being an ultimate reader should be your target to attain the pinnacle in your life.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman has stressed more reading through his words— “One of the most important things you must do to achieve extraordinary success at work as well as at home is reading.”

In short, In order to challenge the barriers and to reach up to your destined master piece books are higher when you read higher no of books. Reading higher books in the same spare time requires increased speed of reading and that is where the speed reading comes into picture.

Hence, speed reading is key to self-development and fast paced growth in one and all areas of our life. The book describes salient proven techniques to boost the reading speed and also outlines the resources available for speed reading over the web. I would further add that fast readers are destined to be leaders in their areas.

Please take a resolve at this weekend or week to be a speed reader and take the full advantage of this guide for the mission of speed reading. Be a fast reader and get destined to be a successful leader with prosperity in your life.
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