Neven Maguire

Neven Maguire’s Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook

Neven Maguire, Ireland's most trusted chef and busy father of two, is here to show you how to give your child the best start in life with honest-to-goodness recipes and advice.Good nutrition is the most important investment you can make for your child's future, but starting out is always daunting for any parent. There are so many questions: when to wean, which foods to offer first, and which ones to avoid?In this brand new collection of recipes for babies and toddlers, Neven takes the worry away from introducing your baby to solid food for the first time and gives you plenty of inspiration to encourage your little one to develop a life-long love of delicious and nutritious eating.With helpful daily meal planners and 200 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, this trusty guide will take you from your baby's first tastes, through all the stages of weaning, right up to family mealtimes and beyond. Recipes include purées, mashed foods, finger foods, lumpy foods, chopped foods, sharing family foods and even the occasional family-friendly treat!The book also includes advice on the organic debate, allergies, essential equipment and setting goals for your baby every step of the way.All baby and toddler recipes supported by the First 1000 Days and the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.
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  • b9509926475has quoted6 years ago
    hours. Once the cubes are frozen solid, quickly pop out the cubes into ziplock bags. Make sure you label and date the bags with a waterproof marker.
    Rotate foods according to date and ideally use meals within one month to ensure the best flavour and nutritional value.
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    All equipment used in food preparation must be sterilised until the infant is 12 months old.
    Prepare infant meals in bulk and then freeze small 25g portions in ice cube trays.
    Flash freeze the filled ice cube trays for about 4

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