Jennifer Lynne,Gisele Lily

Feminized Cross Dressing Sissy Husband Bundle

An amazingly hot trio, 22,000 words of cross dressing action as a sissy husband, aided by his wife, ventures into the steamy world of feminization as his feminine alter-ego in the sexy atmosphere of Aphrodite's Adult Cinema…

1/. Feminized Sissy Husband’s Cross Dressing Experience: First Time Public Bisexual Exhibitionism.

Dressed in a red silk dress, stockings and heels by my wife, my feminized alter-ego Gisele Lily takes her very first trip to an adult movie cinema…

As my wife stays outside, I experience alone the horny delights of the hot young studs inside, there to watch the action on screen and play with a hot, sissy, cross dressing husband sent in by his wife.

And so, I take my first taste of sexy fun in my female guise, enjoying the attentions of one hunky young guy in particular, who is especially turned on by my seductive, silken attire and the sexy, smooth skin at my stocking tops.

2/. Cross Dressing Husband's Feminization: Sissy Tranny Adult Cinema Playtime.

Dressed in an unbelievably revealing, sexy little black dress and towering heels, I once more venture into the delicious den of iniquity that is Aphrodite's Adult Cinema.

Made up beautifully and oozing with confidence in my backless, scandalously short, clingy dress and silky thong, I aim to take my cross dressing fantasy to the next level, and instigate naughty play with one of the hot, incredibly aroused black guys inside the cinema as my enabling wife waits for me in the adult store just beyond the doors — eager to hear all about her sissy husband's hot, sexy adventures…

3/. Sissy Cross Dressing Husband’s Interracial Ménage: Hot Feminization to Tranny Bimbo.

My naughty wife, Gabriele, has picked out the most incredibly revealing outfit for this, my third hot experience at the hedonistic, anything-goes Aphrodite Adult Cinema.

Barely dressed at all in a miniscule PVC miniskirt, shiny gold crop top that shows off my brand new, sexy navel piercing, and strappy five and a half inch heels, I feel cheap and naughty — especially since Gabriele has applied my make up extra thick and had me wear a neon pink wig that totally completes my good-time sissy bimbo girl look.

I venture into the theater with me this time, and while she takes her place at the very back row to watch my adventure, I make my way to the front, having already caught the eager attention of the four, incredibly hot and horny black guys who were watching the sexy movie until this sissy, feminized husband sashayed in…

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