Brian Colbert

The Happiness Habit

Whatever you want from life, this book will have a benefit for you.
A key element to finding happiness is understanding what your (often unconscious) basic drives are and ensuring that these are being satisfied. Brian Colbert addresses the core questions that will help you discover who you really are.
In this book he will teach you how to get past what’s stopping you from reaching your true potential and how to bring about lasting happiness into your life.
Many of us think that in order to change, we need therapy. This is not always the case — you may just need this book.
Using a series of powerful mind exercises, The Happiness Habit shows you:How to improve your relationship with yourself (and others)How to build your confidence and stay positiveHow to face adversity and overcome challengesHow to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
Research is increasingly proving that traditional methods of exploring negative experiences from your past doesn’t necessarily help you to move forward. The exercises in this book will help you train your brain to replace constant self-criticism and depreciation with more useful ways of thinking.
Brian will teach you the skills, ability, direction and focus to develop the habit of happiness. This book gives you all the tools you need to lead a happier life.
345 printed pages
Original publication
Gill Books

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    Оксана Глагольеваshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💡Learnt A Lot


    Александра Загорулькоhas quoted4 months ago
    If you do what you have always done then you will get what you have always got
    Marija Milosevichas quoted5 months ago
    We human beings like to feel that we’re right. This is what I call our God Complex. Psychologists call this a ‘self-serving bias’. Not only are we right but we believe that we can do no wrong either. We like this sense of certainty. It gives us a feeling of control over our world. However, your God Complex doesn’t work in your favour all of the time.
    Yvonne Zoehas quotedlast year
    king a few deep breaths activates the thinking portion of the brain and reduces the impact of the feeling part of the brain.

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