Antonis Anastasiadis

Crystals II

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The Crystals series – as you may already know – will hopefully be completed in a decalogy which will start from the creation of the universe, will transcend all human civilization, will come to the present and continue into the future, summarily showing the development of human civilization. In the first book, we saw the discovery of an object with strange properties, the study and finally the ‘cosmic’ journey in which we observed the Big Bang, the creation of galaxies and star systems.
The 2nd book refers to the creation of the solar system, the creation and structure of the earth, the appearance of life on earth and its developmental course. This whole period, which in fact was initiated about five billion years ago, is elaborated with mythological fights and dwells, fitting in reality to mythological forms as natural forces, and that is why they are named ‘Supernatural’. Thus, we observe the drama of archetypal life on planet earth in the form of Supernatural Powers.
The Titans with their leader, Cronos dominate the scene in the 2nd book. The structural upheavals on planet earth are presented in the form of epic battles and struggles, as well as the calamities and extinction of life but also the emergence of new life forms on earth. The 2nd Clash of the Titans brings us to about 50 million years ago with the final triumph of the Supernatural Powers in their fight against the Hypercosmic Powers followed by their slippage into the arrogance of power which will cause the 3rd Clash of the Titans.
Continuing on this magic journey and keeping the White Crystal as the ‘vehicle’ of our transport, the reader of this and the other books in the series will observe the development of the human civilization from the creation of the universe to this day, through the use of myth, allegory and real events and scientific knowledge.
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