El Ninjo

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Whether you're a “professional” butt-whistler or just an amateur… El Ninjo is going to demonstrate how he takes advantage of each single adventure that he is experiencing in the African jungle as he faces the most dangerous animals. He uses his bean blowing way in order to save his life! He gets attacked by the lion, the leopard, the crocodile, and many more dangerous animals in the jungle and in the end there is only one animal that he feels save to be around with. The list of the African Bean Fart Adventures in the Jungle goes like this: * The Safari Mobil Breakdown * The Jungle Bang * The Bean Slam'n Smoke * The Artistic Liana Salto Blaster * The Tears Gas Boom * The Gorilla Sound Cloud Effect and many more steamy Kenja bean blowing stories…
30 printed pages
Original publication
Inge Baum


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