Rotimi Ogunjobi

Two Dogs

Two Dogs – a play about two dogs, a mongrel and a prize bulldog, who become neighbours. The pampered bulldog is not impressed by nor does it offer sympathy for the life of the mongrel who suffers constant mistreatment and starvation. As should be expected, the mongrel seeks the assistance of the neighbour for escape from its situation, but again the arrogant bulldog obsessed by its own feeling of superiority and intending to maintain that relative advantage, would have nothing to do with such a plan. A chance encounter with a wealthy man finds both dogs reduced to the same level in the eyes of a superior entity: they are merely two dogs – a suggestion which thoroughly irks the bulldog. By a cruel stroke of fate both of their masters die suddenly and the dogs now have to contend with a very bleak future ahead. Constant hardship had however prepared the mongrel for such a situation, while the other, shorn of its arrogance, now contemplates the future with much trepidation.
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