Gerald Bullett

A Man of Forty

First published in 1940, this is the story of how young Adam Swinford, happily tipsy, forgets a weekend engagement in the country, and how in consequence his friend David Brome, waiting for Adam at Chiselbrook Station, gives a lift to beautiful Mary Wilton, with whom he falls in love. David is an outwardly comfortable, inwardly restive 40-year-old, retired on a Civil Service pension. Lydia, his nervous wife for 15 years, has a knack for making him feel stupid.
One spring day in the country after weeks of hovering, David finally gets a kiss from Mary, and confesses to Lydia, whom he cannot leave. David readily comes to realize that he must accept his ordeal. Meanwhile in London, smooth Adam Swinford is carrying on his affair with a pick up named Lily Elvers. But Adam gets tired of Lily about the time that she gets pregnant. And about the same time that the irresolute David begins to bore cool Mary, she meets Adam…
227 printed pages
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