Gerald Bullett

The Daughters of Mrs Peacock

The Peacocks are five in family: father, mother, and three daughters. The year is 1870 or thereabouts. But though the opening chapter has the cool detachment of a 'period piece', it is not long before we are caught up in a passionate concern with the girls' love affairs and the undercurrent of conflict between the two generations. By his self-imposed discipline of Victorianism Mr Bullett has succeeded in creating a story more tense and exciting than many a self-styled 'thriller'- the intimate story of three marriageable young ladies, each of whom, though they are united in family affection, is a person apart, with her own special quality and character. They live in a small comfortable world, with a dryly humorous father and an affectionate mother who knows all the answers. Why should they wish to escape from such sweet security? And yet …
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