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Theodore Dreiser

An American Tragedy

  • Селя Снеговаhas quoted9 years ago
    He could not get it all straight, but still he could not help respecting his mother, a woman whose force and earnestness, as well as her sweetness, appealed to him.
  • Соня Верхотуроваhas quoted7 years ago
    one of those vain, handsome, animal personalities, all clothes and airs, but no morals (no taste, no courtesy or real tenderness even), but of compelling magnetism,
  • Влада Коломейцоваhas quoted8 years ago
    The principal thing that troubled Clyde up to his fifteenth year, and for long after in retrospect, was that the calling or profession of his parents was the shabby thing that it appeared to be in the eyes of others.
  • Селя Снеговаhas quoted9 years ago
    Having reached an intersection this side of the second principal thoroughfare — really just an alley between two tall structures — now quite bare of life of any kind, the man put down the organ
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    And with this, her suddenly manifested skill in connecting herself in this way with a Denver paper, to praise her for.
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    But I was sorry about Miss Alden just the same. I couldn’t be happy then — I couldn’t be. I was just trying to make people think that I hadn’t had anything to do with her going up there — that’s all. I couldn’t see that there was any better way to do. I didn’t want to be arrested for what I hadn’t done
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    Whereupon Belknap arose, and in a courtly and affable manner, stated: “The defendant is ready.”
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    For once, in his twentieth year, he himself had been trapped between two girls, with one of whom he was merely playing while being seriously in love with the other. And having seduced the first and being confronted with an engagement or flight, he had chosen flight.
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    “Where to, Frankie?”

    “To try those courts Harrison laid out up here this morning.”

    “Who with?”

    “Violet, Nadine and Stuart.”

    “Any room for another court?”

    “Sure, there’s two. Why not get Bert, and Clyde, and Sondra, and come up?”

    “Well, maybe, after I get this thing set.”
  • Vaclav Shéffhas quoted2 years ago
    And breakfast at nine, with afterwards the gayety and beauty of the bright flotilla of canoes making eastward along the southern lake shore, banjos, guitars and mandolins strumming and voices raised in song, jest, laughter.
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