June Cotner

Hey! It's Your Day

Affirmations, Quotes, and Proverbs for Positive Thinking “I love how this book is broken down into sections and that you can start anywhere in the book… If you're looking for a gift for the women on your gift-giving list or for teachers, then Hey! It’s Your Day is the perfect gift.” ?
Ready to change your life today? Best-selling anthologist June Cotner returns with Hey, It’s Your Day, a life-long collection of her favorite quotes to start the day and delight any friend, relative, or literary aficionado.
Inspiration at your fingertips in minutes. June Cotner has been gathering her favorite quotes for more than two decades. Now, she shares these specially curated words of wisdom to guide you on your personal journey of positive thinking. Featuring an eclectic selection of figures like Edward Abbey, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Oprah Winfrey, this positive thinking book captivates readers with fresh, insightful, and engaging motivational quotes.
For fans of motivational books with a quotable twist. Whether in need of a daily boost or brushing up on quote trivia, open Hey, It's Your Day and find positive affirmations and inspirational quotes on every page. Packed with nearly fifty topics─like love, family, choices, growth, happiness, creativity, and success─you’ll find uplifting quotes to start the day such as:
“This was love: a string of coincidences that gathered significance and became miracles.” ─ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” ─ Rumi“No one likes crying, but tears water our souls.” ─ Xue Xinran

If you’re looking for graduation gifts, literary gifts, or personal development books─and enjoyed titles like A Year of Positive Thinking, Whatever You Are Be a Good One, or Greatest Inspirational Quotes─then you'll love Hey, It’s Your Day!
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