June Cotner

Dog Blessings

“Delightful . . . filled with accounts of the many magical moments these dear companions provide . . . and their impact on our days and our doings..” —Spirituality & Practice
Featuring heartwarming passages by a renowned inspirational author, this gift book celebrates puppy joy, the “welcome home” wag of the tail, unbridled affection, bittersweet love for an aging pet, and the sublime moments shared between humans and their canine companions.
“My dogs are my life. Let this book be a great part of yours..” —Doris Day, actress and founder of the Doris Day Animal Foundation
“A moving and tender book of poems, prose, and prayers that gracefully honors our dog companions. Page after page, I found my heart opening even more to the deep love I share with dogs and how much they mean to me. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll call your dog over for a full-body hug. I heartily recommend this book to dog lovers everywhere!.” —Marty Becker, DVM, resident veterinarian on ABC’s Good Morning America
“Anyone who lives with dogs knows how special they are and how much they affect our lives on a daily basis . . . In this anthology of poems, prayers and prose by famous and lesser-known writers, Cotner has gathered words that convey the sacred connection dogs and their humans have with each other..” —Best Friends Magazine
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