21 Essential English Grammar Lessons

Get hand-selected grammar lessons straight from a seasoned English professor who knows her students' greatest troubles. In an easy-to-understand approach, learn essential English grammar lessons. Take the quiz after each lesson and check your answers. Use the book as a reference or to study for exams. Finally, take control and overcome your serious English grammar doubts.
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  • Anna Avdeevashared an impression8 years ago

    Хорошая книга для повторения некоторых важных правил и тренировки (упражнения даны с ключами). Но подходит только для тех, кто уже хорошо знает английский.


  • Cyprian Basanthas quoted4 years ago
    type of information you want to emphasize.
  • Anna Avdeevahas quoted8 years ago
    to corner the shares
  • Anna Avdeevahas quoted8 years ago
    on the hiring and firing policy

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