The Story of English, Joseph Piercy
Joseph Piercy

The Story of English

160 printed pages
Joseph Piercy has an MA (Hons) in English Literature from Wolverhampton University, and is the author of two previous books.
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deserves to be lauded, its story to be told.
Many of these words are related to officialdom, the law and administration: ‘chancellor’, ‘exchequer’, ‘bailiff’, ‘summons’, ‘warrant’, ‘larceny’, ‘perjury’, ‘treason’, ‘libel’, ‘evidence’, ‘decree’ etc. Other words are everyday nouns related to food and drink, house and home and clothing: ‘fruit’, ‘mustard’, ‘salmon’, ‘herb’, ‘cloak’, ‘button’, ‘petticoat’, ‘wardrobe’, ‘closet’, ‘parlour’, ‘pantry’ and ‘ceiling’.
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