Wallace Kelly

Advanced Shadow Work

Where there's light, there are shadows. Turning your back on your shadow doesn't make it disappear. It's still there and always will be because it's part of you. It's far better to face it and embrace it. In doing so, you'll find the happiness, power, and success you've been searching for.

This is my second book on shadow work and within these pages we'll dig in deeper, cover more ground, and do more work that leads to ultimate healing and freedom. I'll show you how to view your shadow traits differently, integrate them, and use them as a powerful force that can help you in life rather than holding you back. It's not about fixing what's broken, but shedding light on those dark parts and understanding every aspect of who you truly are. Eventually, by accepting those less-than-perfect aspects of your personality, you'll be living life as your authentic self. And let me tell you, it feels amazing!

I'll be honest, shadow work is not easy, nor is it an overnight fix. Many people give up far too soon. After all, it can be overwhelming when faced with all of your demons and dirty laundry, so to speak. That's why I wrote these books. I don't want you to go down this road alone. I've been doing my own shadow work for a long time now, and have helped many clients through their journey as well. Let me walk with you as you face and embrace your shadows.
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