Dreaming of You, Lisa Kleypas
Lisa Kleypas

Dreaming of You

376 printed pages
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When shy and secluded author Sara Fielding ventures from her country cottage to research a novel, she inadvertently witnesses a crime in progress—and manages to save the life of the most dangerous man in London.
Derek Craven is a powerful and near-legendary gambling club owner who was born a bastard and raised in the streets. His reputation is unsavory, his scruples nonexistent. But Sara senses that beneath Derek's cynical exterior, he is capable of a love more passionate than her deepest fantasies.
Aware that he is the last man that an innocent young woman should ever want, Derek is determined to protect Sara from himself, no matter what it takes. But in a world where secrets lurk behind every shadow, he is the only man who can keep her safe. And as Derek and Sara surrender to an attraction too powerful to deny, a peril surfaces from his dark past to threaten their happiness . . . and perhaps even their lives.
Together they will discover if love is enough to make dreams come true.
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anjali agarwal
anjali agarwalshared an impression2 years ago
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Amazingly beautiful

Rebecca Hunter
Rebecca Huntershared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading
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Derek Craven is my favorite romance hero of all time!

💞Loved Up

This book is so sweet and beautiful... its so romantic ... loved it so much

looked over the archite
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