Barbara Cartland

A Duel of Hearts

Miss Cartland's novels are always glamorous, but her thirty-ninth novel, A Duel of Hearts, set in the dashing, elegant period of George IV, has a breath-taking allure which exceeds anything. she has written before.
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    fatimahj07shared an impression4 years ago

    Menageries or Travelling zoos-inhumane, cruel and barbaric much like circuses, zoos and aquariums are today. Ms Cartland does not recognise the dissonance here...clearly!

    Karinashared an impressionlast year
    🙈Lost On Me


    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    “A menagerie!” Caroline exclaimed. “How exciting! I have seen one at St. Bartholomew’s Fair.”
    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    They say in the stables that the poor animal was so tired that they had almost to carry it to its stall.
    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    “Why, Caroline, you are only a female and yet you talk as if you had the determination and strength of ninety men rolled into one.”

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