Barbara Cartland

A Shaft of Sunlight

The Viscount Frome is in love, and intends to marry Claribel Stamford, belle of the Social Set, as quickly as possible. She is young, beautiful, charming and rich ? in fact he considers her the perfect match. The only drawback is that he needs the permission of his uncle, the Duke of Alverstrode before he can propose.
The Duke, a more cautious man experienced in the wiles of aspirational young women, suggests a visit to Claribel?s home to meet her doting father Sir Jarvis, the well known race-horse owner. That way, the Duke can get to know Claribel and her father and set his mind at rest before welcoming her into his illustrious family.
Impressed by Stamford Towers, but eager to escape the heady charm offensive of Claribel and her father, the Duke cannot shake the instinct that something is not right and remains on his guard.
Even so, he is shocked to discover a sad young woman, Giona, alone watching the sunset over the magnificent gardens. He is astonished to discover that she is the niece of Sir Jarvis, but lives hidden away like a ?skeleton in the closet?.
Horrified by her story of mistreatment, and intrigued by the mystery that surrounds her, the Duke offers Giona his protection and vows to uncover the family secret and restore her fortunes.
But Sir Jarvis is just as committed to keeping his family secrets buried forever and will stop at nothing to keep his reputation intact.
Two determined men, both used to getting their own way, but this time only one of them can win.
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    Sven Gonsalveshas quoted3 years ago
    encourage her to be interested in him.
    “I suppose it is too soon for him to think any girl attractive after Claribel,” the Duke told himself ruefully.
    Then once again there was that question in his mind as to why he had felt so strange when he saw Lucien kissing Giona’s hand.
    Hibbert called him at his usual early hour and he went riding, knowing there was no question of Lucien rising early enough to join him.
    He resisted an impulse to ride in the direction of the Dower House and instead galloped over the Park in the opposite direction.
    Breakfast was waiting for him when he returned a little later than usual and he was just finishing what had been a satisfying meal when the butler announced,
    “Mr. Middleton has arrived from London to see Your Grace.”
    “Mr. Middleton!” the Duke exclaimed in surprise.
    Then before he could say any more Mr. Middleton walked into the dining room.
    “Good-Heavens!” the Duke ejaculated. “What brings you here so early in the morning? Has the house burnt down, or have I been robbed of everything I possess?”
    “Neither, Your Grace,” Mr. Middleton replied.
    He waited for the butler to close the door and they were left alone in the dining room before he said,
    “I received news last night that I thought should be in your hands immediately.”
    “About Sir Jarvis?”
    Mr. Middleton nodded.
    “Sit down and tell me about it,” the Duke invited. “Will you have a cup of coffee?”
    “Thank you, that can wait,” Mr
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    This was not the usual practice of the trade, except in ships where there had been riots or where the wretched creatures had tried frantically to throw themselves overboard.”
    fatimahj07has quoted4 years ago
    He was however, the Duke thought, a little more severe with the spur and the whip than was necessary for such a young animal.

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