The Titan, Theodore Dreiser
Theodore Dreiser

The Titan

694 printed pages
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The Titan is a novel by Theodore Dreiser and the sequel to The Financier. Frank Cowperwood has moved to Chicago with new wife Aileen. His plan is to take over the street-railway system in the process bankrupting opponents with political allies. The Titan follows Cowperwood through the trials of realizing his dream, marital upheavals and social banishment. Theodore Dreiser was an American novelist and journalist who the naturalist school and is known for portraying characters whose value lies not in their moral code, but in their persistence against all obstacles, and literary situations that more closely resemble studies of nature than tales of choice and agency.
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passion and envy invariably

страсть и зависть неизменно

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The race is to the swift, he said to himself over and over. Yes, and the battle is to the strong.
Anna Volkova
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That was the fly in the ointment.
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