Miss Irene Presents – Tale 40, Miss Irene Clearmont
Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Presents – Tale 40

The intense, compelling, and perversely erotic, final fourth-part to the glorious Miss Irene’s “Subjugated Samuel” series has arrived.

In a world containing some of the most alluring, sadistic, decadent and sexually remorseless women in literary history, one young man is about to conclude the journey that began in part-one with his unwilling stay at the home of the woman he would soon know as “MUMMY”.

A journey that has seen him experience most every humiliating cruelty a woman can visit upon a man and is about to conclude in the most ultimate and irrevocable unmanning.

“Come To Mother” is Tale-40 in the “Miss Irene Presents” collection of LGBT and female-led fiction from the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont.
124 printed pages
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