Miss Irene Presents – Tale 34, Miss Irene Clearmont
Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Presents – Tale 34

Welcome to the first book in the “Domains” series.

Imagine a corporation, so powerful it can gratify even the most decadent and sadistic female desires of those wealthy enough, and perverse enough, to pay for their services. A corporation that calls itself “CM Domains” and supplies an ever growing number of compounds catering to the explicit fetishes and desires of its female customers. Compounds that allow those that can afford them the luxury of having complete mental and physical control of a slave who is modified to suit their needs and is NOT a robot.

For Alexa, a powerful woman with an even more powerful desire to control the men in her life, “CM Domains” is an opportunity to indulge herself she cannot pass up and will find it offers not just a fantasy but the possibility of taking that fantasy with her back to her real-life.

Alexa is about to find herself…

In the “PINK”.

“In Pink” is Tale-34 in the “Miss Irene Presents” collection and comes with an inside cover from the great Sardax.
160 printed pages
Original publication



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