Hector Luis Bonilla

The Fundamental Emptiness

In layman terms, two previously citizen-science-published papers and eleven natural considerations and more are presented. The discovery of a universal force is discussed. It appears the Force of fiction films is real. However, claiming, as the author must, that light travels in reverse relative to what we have been led to believe will cause mainstream science to burst. For thousands of years, scientists have been searching for this elusive unifier or natural element comprising all the known physical interactions. We believe this author has the good news.

But the world is in trouble. Naturally and politically. Clearly, all those people entrusted with its keeping; governments and scientists, have failed. Their so-called laws, economies, discoveries, and inventions have the world in the brink of total annihilation. You are seeing this every day. They cannot have the Force! That is why the Hespe Sky is commending this noble task to you, the citizen.

Upon careful analysis of the global social media terrorism promotion explosion, the Hespe Sky has concluded that the young ones must be saved. Their supreme intelligence must be preserved. They must be given the opportunity to take control of their destiny as the new wave of the species; the new Manunnaki human.

Therefore, we declare that the Force is now ripe for the citizen reader to master and control. Do not hesitate. Begin the process of discovery immediately. You are the best candidate for the job because you are not a scientist. Your mind has not been bugged. The fatal virus of theoritism-for-profit will never see you coming. And always remember, the Force IS everywhere. The universe IS ONE with the Force. The Force IS with you!

On the other hand, for more than 200 years physicists have been trying to solve the problem left behind by Thomas Young and his famous Double Slit Experiment. This author believes to have the answer. The puzzle engendered by the experiment (that ultimately led to the invention of the Uncertainty Principle) has a simple solution. Problem is that light would need to travel backward! Yes! Like not from the sun to the Moon, but from the Moon to the sun! So, you know, this will get fundamentally principalist.

But you see, we have no choice. Earth-wise, we are running out of time. Soon our planet will change toward global non-habitation. We will need to leave our world or perish here. This is why we have to join the Hespe Sky in saying good-bye to Earth and to the physicists’ uncertainty principle. Go to for full details. Get your copy of the Fundamental Emptiness today!
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