That Was The Best Event Ever: 6 steps to running successful business events, Kim Hesse
Kim Hesse

That Was The Best Event Ever: 6 steps to running successful business events

224 printed pages
Imagine a room filled with 100 of your ideal clients, how powerful could that be for your company? These ideal clients have read your invitation, accepted it, provided their contact details, taken the time to turn up and are now there right in front of you, ready and willing to listen to what you have to say. That is powerful!

On the other hand, an event run the wrong way can be extremely damaging to your brand. When I first started in the industry many people didn't even know that event management was a profession. “Oh that's simple, anyone can plan an event, you just arrange red carpet and cocktails don't you?” You tell that to the CEO, who has a room full of their top clients, worth 10 million dollars in revenue to the company. I would think their opinion on the importance of the event would be significantly different.

Events are not just red carpets and cocktails. Events are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. They are used by businesses who are leaders in their field and by businesses who understand the importance of connecting face to face with their clients.

People who attend your event, interact with your brand and give you their contact details are worth far more than someone seeing your advertisement in a magazine or on a billboard.

Anyone can run events, but to make them successful requires more than booking a venue and sending invitations. Learn about the power of business events and the simple six step process that Kim Hesse has developed to ensure, none of the vital steps are missed, people register and then actually attend your event, you secure the right venue at the right price, you secure sponsors and keep them happy, your event runs smoothly and you gain return on investment

Events can help increase revenue, sales, staff retention and customer relationships, join Kim as she unlocks the exciting world of events!
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Classroom style is ideal for larger groups and formal training sessions or conferences that require note taking or the use of laptops.
Decide who will be greeting your guests, who will be running the audio visual checks and who will be sitting with the audio visual operator during the presentation to ensure the right slides are shown at the right time. Who will be monitoring the temperature of the room, ensuring the catering is served at the right time, telling the venue that Bobby is a vegetarian but forgot to mention this on his registration
As discussed above, your venue selection will be a key decision making factor but so will your event invitation. Does your invitation reflect your brand, does it look appealing and professional or is it a word document that has been put together
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