Dougie Brimson

The Art of Fart: The Joy of Flatulence!

It's one of the most natural of bodily functions but it also one of the most contentious acts a human can do. In some countries, it is even illegal to do it in public whilst in others it is considered a sign of gratitude.
For most men, simply doing it can bring a sense of self-worth whilst as a comedy tool it is almost unrivalled. Yet the majority of women hate it with a vengeance and hate the fact that we men laugh at it even more (even though they do it just as much as we do).
It is, of course, farting.
In The Art of Fart, best selling author and the nations most eminent Fartologist, Dougie Brimson, explores the issue of flatulence in all its varied and pungent detail. From the simple basic science of why we do it at all to the issue of 'fart porn' and all points in between, no gruff related subject remains unexplored in what will be quite possibly the most politically incorrect book of recent times!
128 printed pages
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