Lyn Venable

Grove of the Unborn

28 printed pages
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  • Peka Manahas quoted8 years ago
    Tyndall shuddered, wondering why the Arrillians, who so loved to surround themselves with beauty, should choose so horrendous a creature as the object of their worship, or protection.
  • Peka Manahas quoted8 years ago
    beneath the structure of the building in which he was confined, lay a world that was not Earth, circling a sun that was not Sol, and that the ship had gone and would never come back
  • Peka Manahas quoted8 years ago
    he heard the roaring rise to a mighty crescendo, and he felt the trembling of the ground beneath the room in which he lay, and then the great sound grew less, and grew dim, and finally dissipated in a thin hum that dwindled finally into silence.
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