Gini Graham Scott

Creating Your First Sales Team

CREATING YOUR FIRST TEAM is based on my experience and that of several business owners and professionals who have gotten a few reps to help them grow their business.  It is designed to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and professionals obtain more clients and customers.
The topics covered include the following:
- Determining when you need a sales rep to represent you
- Finding prospective sales reps
- Recruiting sales reps on different platforms
- Explaining the requirements and interviewing prospective reps
- Assessing skills and getting references
- Developing guidelines for what sales reps should say and do
- Creating commission arrangements and contracts
- Hiring reps as independent contractors and avoiding employment law issues
- Creating reporting documents to know what reps have done to follow up
- Coordinating reps in the field by email and phone
- Assigning responsibilities to sales team members
- Dealing with reps who don’t perform and reassigning duties to other reps
- Having a debriefing with reps
- Organizing the information from your reps for follow up
- Figuring out commissions and making payments
154 printed pages
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