Barbara Cartland

Riding to the Moon

Lady Loretta's father, the well-respected Lord Lieutenant of the County, is doing his best to force her into marriage with the Marquis of Sauerdun, the son of a good friend. Whilst her father thinks he is making a good match for his beloved daughter, she is aghast at the thought of an arranged marriage and vows she will only marry for love.
Searching her mind for a way to stay free to pursue the kind of love she has always dreamt of, she happens upon a good plan. What if she could prove to her straight-laced father that the man he means for her is not only an unsuitable husband, but a philandering rake too? With the Marquis's reputation for love affairs with beautiful, seductive and preferably married women well known in Society, surely this would not prove too difficult?
Seizing upon this last ditch attempt to stay unmarried, Lady Loretta devises a scheme to prove to her father that her intended is an unrepentant heartbreaker.
Throwing herself upon the charity and good nature of her notorious cousin Ingrid, whose scandalous love affair has already rocked polite English Society, she heads for Paris alone. Delighted at how quickly she has escaped and enjoying the freedom of her adventure, Loretta determines to find out more about the Marquis and wastes no time in seeking him out.
But Fate has its own plans for this spirited English beauty and before too long she is caught up in a web of deceit that threatens to change her life forever.
150 printed pages
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    Mary Augustowiczhas quoted2 years ago
    When the maids who were attending her set the beautiful tiara shaped like a wreath of flowers on her head, she knew that she not only looked like a bride, but also a little like the Goddess from Olympus Fabian thought her to be.
    Mary Augustowiczhas quoted2 years ago
    I thought you would – arrange for it to be – later.”

    She saw by the expression in his eyes how much he desired her, but he said quietly
    Mary Augustowiczhas quoted2 years ago
    We are getting married immediately,” he said. “I can wait no longer for you to become my wife

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