Haruki Murakami

After dark

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    selagihujanhas quoted7 years ago
    This is no ordinary pain he is feeling: it is a pain with memories.
    ;has quoted4 years ago
    Most of last night’s memories remain there untouched.
    nataliaescorteshas quotedlast year
    In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It's important to combine the two in just the right amount.
    ;has quoted4 years ago
    There is not a speck of cloud to be seen in the sky, just a haze of smog hanging along the horizon.
    b2893721549has quoted9 months ago
    Everything got one step darker, one step colder.
    b2893721549has quoted9 months ago
    other words, I started seeing it like this: that there really was no such thing as a wall separating their world from mine. Or if there was such a wall, it was probably a flimsy one made of papier-mâché.
    b2893721549has quoted9 months ago
    ven at a time like this, the street is bright enough and filled with people coming and going—people with places to go and people with no place to go; people with a purpose and people with no purpose; people trying to hold time back and people trying to urge it forward.
    Dhanush M Shas quotedlast year
    Interested. Hmm. Maybe as a kind of intellectual curiosity.
    Dhanush M Shas quotedlast year
    "Interested. Hmm. Maybe as a kind of intellectual curiosity."
    b2815716155has quotedlast year
    Think we can tell which one did it?"
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