Peter DeHaan

Visiting Online Church

Most people don't like online church. But that doesn't mean we should dismiss it.

With many having endured a season of attending church over the internet, they want to put it behind them. They desire to return to in-person gatherings.

Not so fast.

Online church plays a vital role in our faith communities, both now and in the future.

In Visiting Online Church, you'll discover:

— The two programming formats for digital church and how they differ.

— How to engage people from a distance and not push them away.

— The new front door to church and why it's essential.Tips to follow and traps to avoid.The forgotten people on the fringes who can't or won't attend in person.

Then contemplate over three dozen key online church principles—illustrated through real-world examples—that can guide your internet content to meet viewer needs and promote participation to spur spiritual growth.

An advocate for significant church experiences, Peter DeHaan, PhD champions meaningful Christian community. And this doesn't only apply to in person gatherings. Providing endearing online experiences is just as important, perhaps even more so.

Create a virtual church that matters to your congregation and will interest visitors and seekers alike.

Get your copy of Visiting Online Church today and prepare your church for tomorrow.
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