Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness

How to explore the higher states of consciousness? According to Osho there are not many ways to explore higher levels of consciousness, there is but one: the way of awareness. “Man is almost unconscious. I say “almost” – there are moments, situations where he becomes conscious, but they are momentary”.
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    You will be surprised that in Persia, Omar Khayyam is not known as a great poet. But in the whole world, Omar Khayyam is Persia’s most important poet, and this miracle has happened because of Fitzgerald. And you would not have enjoyed Omar Khayyam. He was a mathematician – the first mistake that he made was to be a mathematician. Now, a mathematician writing poetry, you understand, cannot be juicy. From where can a mathematician get juice? Then over and above that, he is a Sufi, a seeker of God. There is no place for any woman in his life; he lived a celibate life.

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