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Lynne Graham

The Sicilian's Stolen Son

In this secret baby romance from a USA Today–bestselling author, a scandalous Sicilian will claim his son . . . with a very convenient ring.
The only link Jemima Barber has to her troubled late twin sister is her nephew. So when the boy’s father storms into their lives, to reclaim the child who was stolen from him, Jemima lets the forbidding Sicilian believe she is her smooth seductress of a sister . . .
Though his son’s mother might be gentler than Luciano Vitale remembers, he’s resolved to make her pay in the most pleasurable way imaginable. But when he discovers she’s a virgin—her secret is out! Now Luciano has a new proposal: Jemima can atone for her sister’s sins . . . by becoming his wife!
185 printed pages
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  • Lutchmee Curoopenshared an impression3 years ago

    No cannot read

  • Joes Winnieshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • b0379720786has quoted3 years ago
    He had never had to think of that possibility before because he had never even come close to being any woman’s first lover.

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