Russell H.Conwell

What You Can Do With Your Will Power

47 printed pages

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    The most hopeless proposition in the world is the fellow who thinks that success is a door through which he will sometime stumble if he roams around long enough.
    Nhems Myka Gutierrezhas quotedlast year
    we must bear in mind that there is such a thing as overdoing anything. Young people should draw a line between study that secures wisdom and study that breaks down the mind; between exercise that is healthful and exercise that is injurious; between a conscientiousness that is pure and divine and a conscientiousness that is over-morbid and insane; between economy that is careful and economy that is stingy; between industry that is a reasonable use of their powers and industry that is an over-use of their powers, leading only to destruction.
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    Success has no secret.

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