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Nhems Myka Gutierrez
Nhems Myka Gutierrezshared an impression22 days ago
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Eric Burnell
Eric Burnellshared an impression2 months ago
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Fifa Bou
Fifa Boushared an impressionlast year
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Eric Burnell
Eric Burnellhas quoted2 months ago
The most hopeless proposition in the world is the fellow who thinks that success is a door through which he will sometime stumble if he roams around long enough.
Nhems Myka Gutierrez
Nhems Myka Gutierrezhas quoted3 months ago
we must bear in mind that there is such a thing as overdoing anything. Young people should draw a line between study that secures wisdom and study that breaks down the mind; between exercise that is healthful and exercise that is injurious; between a conscientiousness that is pure and divine and a conscientiousness that is over-morbid and insane; between economy that is careful and economy that is stingy; between industry that is a reasonable use of their powers and industry that is an over-use of their powers, leading only to destruction.
b8325411400has quoted2 years ago
Success has no secret.
Spritual, Senem Cengiz
Senem Cengiz
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Self, Qamar Zaman
Qamar Zaman
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Self help, Vivi Le Retour
Vivi Le Retour
Self help
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Cutat, yuskagunka
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My shelf, b4269558673
My shelf
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