Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary In the Ordinary, Adam Cotterall, Sam Thiara
Adam Cotterall,Sam Thiara

Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary In the Ordinary

What is the last story you read? What is the last story you told? What is the last story you lived? Your life is a journey filled with amazing adventures; however, we never really take the time to appreciate what we have accomplished. Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is about helping you capture and tell your life story and making sense of your life puzzle.

“Sam Thiara writes as he lives – in great strides and with an open mind and a creative bent that keeps drawing him (and the reader) into escapades that deliver meaning.”
—Rick Antonson, Former President and CEO, Tourism Vancouver Author: To Timbuktu for a Haircut and Route 66 Still Kicks
181 printed pages
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