Papa Riah

Curing Ringophobia

Have you noticed that a young single man in today’s culture is typically in no hurry to get married and raise a family? Sure, he loves having a good girlfriend, and says he wants to get married and have kids “one day,” but after several years her left ring-finger is usually no shinier than it was when he met her. If he continues to have things his way, the situation will not change for at least several additional years, if ever.
Girls, you are part of the problem! You are contributing to Ringophobia by:
A) Enabling your boyfriends to get away with this crap,
B) Not realizing yourself how quickly time is going by, and how old of a parent you are going to end up being by letting things take their natural course.
In Papa Riah’s latest book, he attempts to awaken young single women to their quickly deteriorating situation, which is the result of today’s young single men glorifying their youthful irresponsibility much too far into adulthood. Papa Riah will walk you through the math and show you why you need to get serious about your life’s ambitions now. More importantly, he will teach you exactly how to go about achieving them, using real-life examples. You can have the life you want, but you need to get control of your dating and relationship navigation system now, and direct it where you want to go.
This 15,000+ word e-book has been professionally edited and specially formatted. We promise a smooth electronic reading experience, including a click-able table of contents. Put this baby on your device today and learn how to live happily ever after, before it gets too late!
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