Written in France toward the end of his career, these stories are Anton Chekhov's only attempt at the linked collection. “A Man in a Shell” is a grotesque Gogolian comedy; “Gooseberries,” a narrator's impassioned response; and “About Love,” a poignant story of failed relationships. Translated by the impeccable David Helwig and fabulously illustrated by Seth, About Love is essential for any Chekhov enthusiast.
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The explanation of this forgiveness of everything lies in my love for Sasha, but what is the explanation of the love itself, I really don't know.
"But you know that . . . is sinful, and besides the fact is you are mine, and no one has the right to think that you do not belong to me but to someone else! You are mine! I will not give way to anyone! . . .
tried to make it longer, more elaborate, and more fervent, but because I wanted endlessly to prolong the process of this writing, when one sits in the stillness of one's study and communes with one's own day-dreams while the spring night looks in at one's window
he has left one side of the river and not reached the other,

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