Eleanor Bass

Yours Always

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Love letters are potent. They breathe. They speak. They can arouse, comfort, captivate. They can also cut deep. 

The powerful, deeply personal letters collected here reveal the painful underside of love. Witness Winston Churchill 'growl with anger to be treated with benevolent indifference' and Edith Piaf reel in the throes of a 'terrible' passion.

Through the letters of literary icons Charlotte Brontë, Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and statesmen Henry VIII and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Yours Always offers an unusually intimate insight into the lives of such illustrious figures.

Love is revealed here in its many shades of disharmony and confusion: unrequited, uncertain, imbalanced, unconventional, thwarted, failed and forbidden. Love is not always rose-tinted, and Yours Always illuminates the sorrows that can accompany falling in, falling out, and staying in love.

Includes letter to and from: Charlotte Brontë, Richard Burton, Lord Byron, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Henry VIII, Ted Hughes, Graham Greene, Franz Kafka, Marilyn Monroe, Iris Murdoch, Edith Piaf, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, W.B. Yeats
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    Khisal Bhas quotedlast year
    and know that it is there as it always has been
    Khisal Bhas quotedlast year
    Can you make any sense out of this? It is so muddled, but there is truth here, as well as sense and all my heart’s life. I should be in front of you asking forgiveness but I am somehow not: I am altogether yours and you know that well: and I hold you most safe, and for ever, inside me.
    … And I love you, my Love.
    Khisal Bhas quotedlast year
    Joy is an innocent thing, when time blows through it and keeps it sweet, it is only when crumpled into a possession that it grows sour.

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