K.L. Martin

Surviving the Twenties Transformation

An identity crisis is not a new concept. A midlife crisis, commonly occurring in middle-aged adults, is a time when an individual is plagued by doubts concerning his or her identity and future purpose.  What you might not know, however, is that you're just as likely to experience the same struggle in your twenties.
The media and society have traditionally taught younger generations to focus on the “surface stuff” to combat feelings of self-doubt or dissatisfaction.  Once you have it all -career, friends, marriage, a home, kids -the conflict will supposedly work itself out, and you'll eventually know who you are.  Many young adults are now realizing this narrative is false.  Even after achieving “success”, you may still feel unfulfilled and conflicted.
Surviving the Twenties Transformation is an informative, motivational guide that exposes “quarter-life crisis” symptoms and offers spiritual solutions:  recognizing your soul, trusting in God, identifying your strengths, and replacing your false ego with your true self, your soul.  Learn to listen to your intuition, and make the right choices through conscious living.
Crises will always come and go.  By discovering your truest self, what drives your soul, you will gain an inner strength that will sustain you for a lifetime.

183 printed pages
Original publication
Waconda Books


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